The Harvard Ambulatory MicroRobot (HAMR) was designed an developed in Rob Wood's Microrobotics lab. HAMR is one of the smallest, fastest, and highly articulated legged robots. HAMR is an insect-scale quadrupedal robot fabricated using mesoscale, PC-MEMS manufacturing techniques and is a multipurpose legged platform.

Compared to most other legged systems, the piezoelectric actuators that drive the flexure-based leg
transmissions in HAMR allow for unnaturally high stride frequencies. The highest possible speed with HAMR (94 cm/s -- 21BL/s) is achieved using stride frequencies that are more than twice those typically seen at the same scale in biology – well above the body natural frequencies.

Below is the latest version of HAMR that is currently in press. Please see my publications on google scholar for more details on the design and locomotion characterization of HAMR.
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