At the 2004 WRAM show in Westchester, NY, I purchased a Horizon Hobby Funtana 40. It took me a few months to assemble and I proudly flew it with an OS 46 engine for many years. See picture 1 for one its first flights.
I crashed the plane its fair share of times but luckily nothing major. Most times the landing gear would break away because of grass landings. I tried to avoid these as much as possible but wind direction and the single runway at the flying field prevented that from happening from time to time. Another issue was that I had some issues with the engine/ gas tank. I had to perform a number of dead stick landings, mainly when the engine would cut out during inverted flight. Another complaint was that even though it was design to be a “.40” sized plane, I found it to be very underpowered. It was a joy to fly (see videos below) but overall, it did not live up to the 3D title it was given with that engine.
Finally, I became tired of schlepping all of the gear 30 minutes away to the nearest AMA flying field and getting sub-par performance. It was 2012 now and motors and batteries began dropping substantially in price. I ended up buying a Turnigy H3126 1300kV motor and powered it with a 4S2P 5400mAh Thunder Power 25C battery pack. The system is powered with a Castle Creations ICE 75A ESC.

I slapped the new power system on and was reasonably happy with the performance. I flew the Funtana this way a handful of times. One issue was that there wasn’t a great place to put the batteries. Now, in 2018, I made some additional modifications to finally find a better place for the batteries.

I settled on having removable landing gear that attaches with 3 machine screws and blind nuts. There is a velcro strap that holds the battery pack in place directly under the landing gear (see photos below).
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